Monday, June 30, 2014

Twenty (Fourteen?)

I didn't want to just talk about my birthday, but that's where all my pictures and fun stories come from; so, sorry. 

The 28th of June was a perrty exciting day. I'll run/walk/write you through it. 

First: I made some bomb s'more cupcakes. They were so good! I wasn't sure how they would turn out, mostly because I never bake, but also because I am horrible at making cookies. However, it seems my cupcake creating skills are a bit more exceptional. Have a look for yourself:

I thought there would be more filling...

 There it is!

Second: there was a baptism! One of the kids in the ward was getting baptized (with a huge cast on her leg, yikes!), so we were able to go to that during the afternoon. That was a really special birthday present and tender mercy from The Lord. 

However, at every baptism there are always awkward moments. So, this time, the family had asked us to fill the font, and so while we were waiting for it to fill, that's when I made the cupcakes. I wasn't fast enough though, and the family came early to make sure everything was ready to go, as I was still finishing the frosting and topping. They all kept coming over and were complimenting how good they smelt and looked, and I was just standing there thinking, "uh, I hope you know these aren't for you..." which they must have realized once I hid them in the library. Oops. 

Third: the lighting of the candles! We were planning on doing this at the church once I had finished, but once the family showed up we just thought it would be weird. 

I ended up throwing this cupcake away, because the fire was messing with my camera, so we had to keep lighting and blowing out the candles until I could get a relatively decent picture (on Elder Murphy's camera, eventually). Which resulted in the cupcake itself being covered in wax from the candles being lit for so long. It was worth the sacrifice, I think. 

Fourth: fun things happened while we were out visiting people in the evening. The first was this Spanish family throwing a birthday party for someone other than myself. However, I thought I would at least get a picture with their Happy Birthday sign. What was already weird became unbearably funny as we realized that their window was open and that they were all staring at me. To make matters worse, as we were about to drive away, I didn't change gears all the way and the car was in neutral. We were parked on a hill. So, they also got to see us accidentally roll down the hill and onto the sidewalk, loudly revving our engine the whole time. (No individuals or vehicles were harmed in this event, although Elder Murphy was a bit startled). 

(sorry this picture quality isn't very good, my camera was still weird after the candles)

Then we were stopping by another person, and their cat was just sitting outside on their railing, so I was obviously petting it. When I stopped, in order to get my attention this cat rolled over. Poor thing must have forgotten it was on the hand rail. Well, it certainly caught my attention as it fell off. She didn't come back for me to pet her after that.

Lastly: the bubbles. The blue, glow in the dark bubbles. My first thought was, "ok, these could be pretty cool." Little did I know, they would be awesome! Before we realized it, it was past our bed time, the bathroom sink was eerily glowing like the Penseive, and our floors and walls looked like the Milky Way. I checked to make sure that there would be no lasting damage, don't worry. 
There you have it, out goes 19, in comes 20. 

Elder Horne
PS we were walking up to this gate, and seeing the signs I started barking to see if a huge dog would come up to attack us. Nothing happened, so we started shaking the gate to see if there were any dogs outside. Out comes this little guy; the cutest, nicest puppy ever! He didn't even bark!