Monday, July 7, 2014

'Murican Mini Golf

This week, was fantastic.

On Monday, we went to this little glow-in-the-dark mini-golf place that was tucked away in the middle of nowhere. Sorry none of my pictures are very good, the flash took the glow away. It was a lot of fun though, I even managed to get  a hole-in-one

Jack Sparrow pirate

Hurray for white shirts!

Really happy pirate

Birthday cake!

Hole in ONE
Throughout the week we stumbled across this random hidden treasures:

Saw this on the side of a building in Coatesville

We were tracting and saw this dead bat on someones door. Oh, abandoned houses...

We ended the week off with a fabulous 4th of July. Our district went to several different parks where they were having Independence Day celebrations, and drew with chalk! I have never before done any "chalk finding" but it was a lot of fun. We made a big American flag, the Constitution, and the Liberty Bell. Next to the American flag we wrote, "I Love America because..." and let people come up and write different reasons they love America! A member and her friend also came by and made this brilliant thank you note. It was a really neat opportunity to talk to people as they were walking by, and immediately have that connection that we could discuss with them. People were very friendly, and it was nice to get a more positive rapport with the community.

The District

Helping color


Messy chalk fingers (and pants)

Afterwards we went and had dinner and played games with some members, and it was so much fun! President gave us permission to stay out an hour past our bed time (which was super weird) so that we could watch the fireworks with members. We ended up playing mancala and some card games while watching one of the Christmas Mormon Tabernacle Choir concerts. It was great!

Right now we are dealing with transfer madness... Elder Murphy is leaving and I am staying. The  other Elders in our district are leaving and we think they are being replaced with Spanish sisters, which would leave my new companion and I to be the only elders in a district with 6 sisters. It's already pretty crazy since we have more sisters in our zone than elders. Next week I'll let you guys know about my new companion, and if we are overwhelmed by sister missionaries (we're lucky they are awesome)!

Elder Horne

PS our zone is fantastic