Monday, July 28, 2014

Charlie Chaplin in Chester County?

Let's talk about my weird craftiness, and the awkwardness that ensues. So, apparently I just work with coconuts, but anyway, I wanted to make a bowl out of this coconut. It rested flat, and had broken along the edges relatively even. So I've been sanding it down, and sanding it down some more. Finally, last week, I got it to the point where I thought it was finished. Then I realized I wanted to use some sort of finish to kind of seal the deal and make it look a little better, so we went to the store to get some wood stain or something. Alas, the store didn't have wood stain, so, my backup plan? Clear nail polish. I however, am not well versed in nail polish, and it turned out to be more complicated than I had anticipated. In the end, I resorted to grabbing all the nail polish bottles with clear insides (there were more than I thought there should be) and just having the lady at the register help me out by telling me what each one did, and how they would look after drying. Needless to say, she thought I was a bit crazy. Nevertheless, I polished my coconut, bleached the inside, and now I have a little candy bowl.

While we are on the topic of awkwardness and photos, this sometimes happens at district meeting... 

Also, Welcome to Coatesville! The bane of Chester County!

The rest of the week was filled with fun and awesome missionariness. Including, but not limited to: teaching investigators in Kenya over Facebook (that time difference, it's getting in the way), having wonderful conversations with British families, meeting French speakers, lots and lots of lightning, going on exchanges with awesome elders, being hounded by hounds while trying to conduct a baptism interview, petting some goats, and waiting 5 hours for an oil change.

So, life is brilliant.

Elder Horne