Monday, August 4, 2014

Inner Peas

Hello hello.

This week was filled with a lot of randomness. I still haven't figured out how it all ties together, so we'll just go through things in no sequential order.

Well, probably the most exciting thing that happened, happened yesterday (Sunday). We were at church, and I was holding open the door and greeting people as they walked in, as usual. Then I see this man walking up the steps, and he looks really familiar; at first I thought I knew him from back home, but then I realized who he was. So, Bishop Gary E. Stevenson, the Presiding Bishop of the Church came to our sacrament meeting this week. No big deal, I was just like the first to shake his hand and welcome him and everything. His sister lives in our ward, and he'd been out in the area doing stuff with the Philadelphia Temple so he came and visited her and her family. There is the first
random thing.

Next, when you find a Trader Joes, you go to it. Even if it may or may not be 30-45 minutes away, and it's the last day of the month when you are about to run out of miles. Those snacks though, totally worth it. Nom nom nom.

Next, I hope you all remembered to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday this week. I know we did. You'll have to forgive my macaroni substitution for a candle, that was the closest thing I could find in our apartment. Make a wish Harry.

Words of wisdom I learned this week:
- If you are going to eat pistachios during studies, don't leave them precariously balanced on the edge of your desk, because when they spill everywhere your companion may be exceedingly startled. And you'll get pistachio dust stuff all over your clothes.
- When buying candied ginger, pay close attention to the difference between crystallized, and UNcrystallized. Because there is a difference.
- When you finish fasting on Fast Sunday, don't start by eating a lot of cake.
- Trying to get a piano from one side of the gym to the other by yourself in 10 seconds is really hard, I'd recommend using multiple people. As well as someone to stop the piano when you get there. Just an idea.

Elder Horne

PS here is the lovely Valley Forge West Zone. So many Sisters... (and Hermanas)