Monday, August 25, 2014

Share Goodness

This week started off in a cemetery, on a tractor.

I drove a tractor for the very first time! Don't worry, we called President and got permission. We were doing service at a local cemetery, helping to clear up some of the branches that had fallen. We would throw them into that little trailer and haul them off to the woods.

Enjoy the added purple from my camera...

It's not a very impressive tractor I know, just a little lawn mower, but it was enough for me. It was like I was riding my chariot into battle. Wielding a deadly sword (stick) I plunged into the battle. Slashing left and right, I was unstoppable. It all culminated to the final moment when the enemy king stepped forward, and after an intense exchange, I beheaded him in a single stroke. So powerful was my swing that it sent my sword flying into the woods, never to be seen again.

Elder Vickers found the whole scene rather comical, in part because he was walking faster than my trusty stallion could charge. It worked out though, we still won.

The rest of the week was just filled with transfer madness. Both the sisters in the ward left, so we've been trying to help the two new sisters integrate and figure things out. They're doing good though, it's nice to have a fresh start for their area. With summer also coming to an end, families in the ward are moving out, and new families are moving in. It's an exciting time of the year!

Now let's discuss Elder Bednar's talk that he gave at BYU Education Week!

We were encouraged to watch/listen/read it by President Anderson, and it was very good! He talks about flooding the earth with uplifting and edifying messages. Using the internet as a tool for greatness, as a way to bring the light of the gospel into the world by sharing goodness. He mentions a few principles and guides for doing this. Rather than try to recap and rephrase everything, I'll direct you to a site that is much more straightforward than I am.

Let the rain come down, and the floods come up! #ShareGoodness

Elder Horne

PS trying to say goodbye to Brian as he leaves for BYU. Moise intercepted.