Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Of Mice and Fruit

Hello, this week has just blended together in my mind. Here are some of the fun things that stick out, or are at least recent enough to remember. 

First thing. Highland Orchards. It's a 'pick it yourself' place, and so we had a ton of fun picking different fruits! I also had some goats try to eat my hair, so that was pretty cool too. We picked apples, peaches, and pears. The peaches are so good, we couldn't (can't) stop eating them. 

This donkeys name was literally Eeyore. He almost bit me...

Trying to be 6ft tall... 

 Williamsons! Leading the whole party.

The Sisters took most of the pictures, so you'll probably -hopefully- see a lot more next week, ones that actually have people in them. 

Second: we found some baby mice. There were two of them in a box of sticks. Now, when we found the bunnies, those things were terrified out of their minds so they just sat there. These little guys on the other hand, were all sorts of active. It made it rather difficult to try to take a selfie with them, because they were running and jumping all over the place. Kids these days...

Lastly, we had fish and chips with salt and vinegar this week with a British family. The fish and the fries were extremely American, but the experience was a lot of fun, and the family is fantastic. It was a smashing evening. The traditional meal is fish and chips with smashed peas. We had normal peas because they don't really like them smashed. I don't know if this is common among Brits, but they would add mayonnaise and then mix everything together. So, eating the fish, chips, peas, and mayo all at once. I felt cultured enough with the salt and vinegar, and wasn't bold enough to try eating it that way. 

Sorry, this week went by in such a blur. I fear this upcoming one will turn out quite the same, we are going to be busy busy busy. Elder Vickers gets to go to the temple with the other departing missionaries this week, so that's exciting! While I'll be floating around who knows where. It's going to be an exciting week!

Elder Horne