Monday, October 28, 2013

Back to Susquehanna!

Hey guys!

So this week went by really fast. Being the last week of transfers we had a lot going on. We didn't have anything to worry about though, no changes. Elder Wilcock and I will be here for the next 6 weeks.

We went and did service in Susquehanna though! I know that there were some pictures taken, but I haven't seen any yet, so next week I'll post some pictures of doing service! We cleared out a lot of bushes and trees, it was a ton of fun. All alongside a river, and it was super steep. Good times!!

Halloween this week, and a LOT of exciting announcements coming next week!

Hope you guys are doing great!!!

Love and miss you,

Elder Horne

The Scranton District!
(this isn't even all the missionaries assigned to the ward!)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Stake Conference Weekend

Hey everyone!

So there aren't a lot of funny stories or pictures from this week, but it was still a really great weekend!

We had Stake Conference, and the whole focus was Hastening the Work of Salvation. It was incredible to hear from our stake presidency and those they asked to speak to us. Wonderful reminder of how much we really can do, how much one person really can make a difference. How much work we have to do if we hope to hasten the work, hasten the Lord's work. I love how the focus for missionary work, even with all the missionaries out, ISN'T on the missionaries, it's on the MEMBERS. Our mission president was talking to us about how we, as missionaries, are called to be teachers. He gave us the image of a professor going around and knocking on peoples doors, trying to teach them. That knocking doors for missionaries just isn't working as well anymore, and that it is the members responsibility to find, so that we can teach. With that, I'm going to be trying MY hardest to be a member missionary, to talk to my friends (even though they are far away) and try to help them accept the gospel, because I know that the Lord has put people into our path who are ready to accept it, we just simply invite. THEN after we do that, it is the missionaries responsibility to teach. I challenge you all to think of those in your life who could meet with the missionaries, someone you could invite to experience the blessings and joy that comes from the gospel. I will be doing my best, and I hope you will be doing yours.

Love and miss you guys,
Elder Horne

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hey everyone!

So this week we went to Susquehanna to the Restoration Sight!! It was breathtakingly beautiful, I tried to get some good pictures, I'll include them at the end. I'm so grateful for the restoration of the priesthood of God on the earth today, that in this dispensation we have the authority of God to perform saving ordinances and to seal on earth and in heaven. I'm eternally grateful for this wonderful blessing.

This week was great, we raked leaves!!! It was tiresome, but I love service. When you're in the service of your fellow man you are only in the service of your God. Our pile was taller than 6 ft, and hopefully we'll be able to stop by and teach a lesson this week!

Love you all and wishing you the best!

Elder Horne

Raking leaves for an investigator!

Beautiful drive to Susquehanna

Monument at the Restoration Sight

The gravestone of Alvin, next to the Restoration Sight.

The beautiful Susquehanna River

Friday, October 11, 2013

General Conference

Hey everyone!

So these last weekend was General Conference! It was so wonderful, I would encourage everyone to look up some of the talks that were given:

Things have been getting a little colder up here, which is nice because I like the cold, but isn't nice because we're outside all the time...

Here was a fun experience I had finding though! We decided to go around asking people if we could rake their lawns. The idea came from me wanting to rake some leaves and jump in piles of crunchy leaves, and Elder Wilcock thought I was just being funny, but we saw a house with a ton of prime crunchy jumping pile leaves and I wanted to jump in them SO bad, so went and asked if we could rake them! The guy we talked to was a little taken aback, and said he didn't have a rake in the first place, but after that we started talking about church, and he's the most solid person I've met up here! (and he's Italian which is cool, but then again like all the people in our area are Italian...) We're planning on finding some rakes and going back and teaching him! Win win!! 

I've been trying to get some pictures of the beautiful fall out here, but it's normally the drives that are the best, and Elder Wilcock likes to drive fast so it's hard for me to get pictures. I tried to take a couple though, here is one right next to the church.

I hope you guys are doing great, and will talk to you next week!

Elder Horne

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Electric City

Hey guys!

I hope you're all doing great. These past few weeks have been awesome. I'm now serving up in Scranton, The Electric City, and home of The Office! I love it up here, it's incredibly beautiful and the people are great!

My new companion is Elder Wilcock, he is from Helena, MT and he's a great missionary. I love being able to serve the Lord with him here.

I'm so excited for General Conference this weekend, it's going to be amazing! I would encourage everyone to come and listen to a prophets voice. Hear from modern prophets and other church leaders. This time last year they made the announcement that Elders could serve missions starting at the age of 18, which allowed me to come on my mission earlier than expected! Modern revelation is a wonderful gift, and I'm so grateful for our church leaders and they're continued inspiration and guidance.

You can watch General Conference online here:

Anyways, things are great up here, love and miss you guys!

Elder Horne

So this last week I got a haircut, by Elder Solano, and they had this trash bag that I could wear, and we decided it is now the haircut dress haha. I wouldn't make a very pretty sister missionary it seems.

The other day I made cookies! But despite the awesomeness of the cookies, check out the awesome sweater that a member gave me!! It's a spaniel, and I love it.