Monday, October 21, 2013

Stake Conference Weekend

Hey everyone!

So there aren't a lot of funny stories or pictures from this week, but it was still a really great weekend!

We had Stake Conference, and the whole focus was Hastening the Work of Salvation. It was incredible to hear from our stake presidency and those they asked to speak to us. Wonderful reminder of how much we really can do, how much one person really can make a difference. How much work we have to do if we hope to hasten the work, hasten the Lord's work. I love how the focus for missionary work, even with all the missionaries out, ISN'T on the missionaries, it's on the MEMBERS. Our mission president was talking to us about how we, as missionaries, are called to be teachers. He gave us the image of a professor going around and knocking on peoples doors, trying to teach them. That knocking doors for missionaries just isn't working as well anymore, and that it is the members responsibility to find, so that we can teach. With that, I'm going to be trying MY hardest to be a member missionary, to talk to my friends (even though they are far away) and try to help them accept the gospel, because I know that the Lord has put people into our path who are ready to accept it, we just simply invite. THEN after we do that, it is the missionaries responsibility to teach. I challenge you all to think of those in your life who could meet with the missionaries, someone you could invite to experience the blessings and joy that comes from the gospel. I will be doing my best, and I hope you will be doing yours.

Love and miss you guys,
Elder Horne