Friday, October 11, 2013

General Conference

Hey everyone!

So these last weekend was General Conference! It was so wonderful, I would encourage everyone to look up some of the talks that were given:

Things have been getting a little colder up here, which is nice because I like the cold, but isn't nice because we're outside all the time...

Here was a fun experience I had finding though! We decided to go around asking people if we could rake their lawns. The idea came from me wanting to rake some leaves and jump in piles of crunchy leaves, and Elder Wilcock thought I was just being funny, but we saw a house with a ton of prime crunchy jumping pile leaves and I wanted to jump in them SO bad, so went and asked if we could rake them! The guy we talked to was a little taken aback, and said he didn't have a rake in the first place, but after that we started talking about church, and he's the most solid person I've met up here! (and he's Italian which is cool, but then again like all the people in our area are Italian...) We're planning on finding some rakes and going back and teaching him! Win win!! 

I've been trying to get some pictures of the beautiful fall out here, but it's normally the drives that are the best, and Elder Wilcock likes to drive fast so it's hard for me to get pictures. I tried to take a couple though, here is one right next to the church.

I hope you guys are doing great, and will talk to you next week!

Elder Horne