Monday, September 29, 2014

Kill or Be Killed

This week was absolutely wonderful. So much goodness. With it being Elder Vickers last week, members were trying to do as many things with us as possible. Which is awesome.

A family took us to get pumpkins, for example. So we went back to Highland Orchards to pick our own pumpkins! It was a struggle, I'm used to choosing them after they've been picked, but having to break the stem and carry that thing out of the jungle - all in missionary attire - made for quite the day. It was loads of fun!

Walcotts taking us to get pumpkins!

Philadelphia Temple, and PPM!

Then, later this week, I got my mission ring! I was really excited to see how it would turn out. I'm loving the onyx, even though the jeweler tried to talk me out of it. Yay for giant mission rings on little spidery fingers!

This Saturday was the best day of the week. We had Nathanael's baptism! He asked me to baptize and confirm him, so that was really special. We are really glad some of his family was able to make it, and that he can set the example for them by being baptized. It was a really special service (and a wonderful last weekend for Elder Vickers).

Sunday was bueno, Elder Vickers spoke in Sacrament meeting, and then members just had us at their homes for the rest of the day (so much food!) and so he was able to say goodbye to most everyone. It's just been a great week, filled with so much fun and so much love from the members.

I dropped Elder Vickers off this morning, and am now with Elder Watt for the day, before getting my actual companion tomorrow morning. It seems in Downingtown, it's either kill or be killed, since the elder that I replaced went home from here as well.


Saying goodbye to Elder Vickers

Saying goodbye to Elder Cooley

Hermana Ballard leaving the district

Saying goodbye to Sisters Beames and Elder Vickers

Mission "mom"

Random Marilyn Monroe statue in Kennett Square

Elder Horne

PS look out Downingtown, these missionaries mean business!