Monday, August 11, 2014

It was Elder Horne, with a pizza, in the font

Ok, so before we get to the good stuff, let's go over some of the fun things that happened this week. 

The other day we were out in Honey Brook, and naturally I was excited to see what Amish shenanigans we stumbled upon, as always. We had just pulled up to a stoplight, and there was a gas station at the intersection. Lo and behold, across the street at the gas station, is this Amish buggy filling up! It was the weirdest thing! Just this horse and buggy, chilling at the pump. I squinted to improve my vision, and saw that the Amish guy was filling up the portable gas things (for their weed whackers, or lawn mowers or something) and putting them in the back of the buggy. So, sadly we didn't discover that Amish buggies actually run on gas and the horse is just for show, but we are on to them. I should have gotten a picture...

Also, I am not sure if it's cat breeding season or what (isn't that like, year round?) but we have been seeing cats everywhere. Seriously. We just walk around, and there will be like 20 cats just lazing around town. Here were some just chilling behind some bushes. One of them only has one eye, and I wanted to take it home so bad. It's alright though, I can just walk outside and be surrounded by numberless concourses of cats, so I'm still happy. 

We also recreated the Hungry Games, more properly called, the District Games*, during district meeting this past week. Sister Ballard won, because she had the knife and an aluminum shield. I only had a pair of tongs. Don't worry, the knife was actually the Book of Mormon, and the shield was the Holy Ghost. I realized afterwards that a CLUE set up would have been just as fun. "Sister Ballard in the young women's room with the knife" or "Sister Pickett with the volcano burrito in the kitchen." Good times. 

*no humans, animals, plants, or property were harmed in the playing of these games. 

One more random thing. I have been obsessed with making pizzas lately. This week my favorite one was the Tomavado pizza I made. It was so yummy! Fresh tomatoes that I picked from some random guys backyard (after invitation, of course), homemade white garlic sauce, with avocados and Parmesan cheese. Nom nom nom

But, the absolutely bestest part of the week (drum roll...) was Maddie's baptism!! She started taking the lessons with the sisters almost a year ago. Since I got here in April, she has been trying to get her parents permission for her to be baptized. Lots of prayer and fasting went into this. Then, not only did her parents just recently give her permission, her family came to the baptism! It was awesome. She was also the first person that I personally baptized (ever) so that was really special too. The rest of the day I had goosebumps; which may or may not have been the result of my arms being really cold and wet because I forgot to bring a dry shirt to change into afterwards, wups. Regardless, it was fantastic. 

Elder Horne