Monday, July 14, 2014

Transfer Miracles

Just when I thought transfers couldn't get any more wild... So, last week I mentioned how we thought (and not only thought, were told) that we were getting spanish sisters to replace the spanish elders. Well, change of plans and they ended up putting english elders into the spanish group with a ton of spanish investigators. Just when I thought President Anderson couldn't get any more unpredictable... Long story short, we got english elders, but then a spanish sister just came into the mission, and they are switching apartments today. Transfer madness. (So in the end we still got a Hermana anyways)

Speaking of transfers, they happened! Elder Murphy is off in Delaware (I totally called it) with a brilliant companion, and my new companion is Elder Vickers! Flash back to last fall, Elder Vickers and I served in the same district when I was still in Jersey.

The Atlantic City District, back in September. He is the balding one in the top right.

Now we are serving together! He is from Centerville, UT and has been out for a whopping 21 months! He only has this transfer and the next. Good thing he isn't trunky. So, we think that I will either stay with him until he goes home, and then for another transfer with someone else, or that I'll leave after this transfer. We'll see what happens! Anyway, we're excited, it's going to be awesome.

 It was sad saying goodbye to Elder Murphy, he was such a good companion, we had so much fun together, and we were both able to grow a lot from these past two transfers. He's going to do fantastic in his new area, I have no doubts.

We also had to unexpectedly say goodbye to the Scanlans!! That was no fun either, they are going back to Montana. We are going to miss them! They've had us over for dinner so many times, and we have had so much fun. Elder Vickers only got to see them once. At least we'll be able to stay in touch on Facebook!

Sister Scanlan gave me an autographed set of her children's books!

Other than that, we had a pretty good week. First week with a new companion is always a bit of a roller coaster, but it always ends good. Just working working working! This week the district has been focused on recognizing miracles, so I write those down every night, here are a few:

- A member gave us ice cream (sisters)
- Both goldens (we have two brand new missionaries in the district!) extended a baptismal invitation their first day, and both people accepted.
- Sisters were late to volleyball, and we were able to have a really power lesson with a less active member.
- A man who just moved here from Mexico came to church on Sunday, saying that he was just taught all the lessons (in Mexico) and wants to be baptized.

Miracles are everywhere in the Lord's work, and in the details of our lives, we just sometimes need to be better at recognizing them!

Elder Horne