Monday, July 21, 2014

The Lost Phone

Hello hello hello.

Just a heads up: Elder Vickers and I are awful at taking pictures, so you are about to see a lot less of them. Sorry. 

So, let's start off with some fun miracles before I get into the rest of the week. 

~ The Lost Phone ~

This past Thursday we had just finished weekly planning and were leaving the church. As we were driving towards our apartment for dinner, I felt that we should go to Wendy's for dinner instead, so we looped around and started heading that way. #Miracle1

While ordering our dinner at Wendy's, we suddenly realized that we didn't have our phone. We had left it on the windowsill in the primary room where we were planning (so it could get signal). Now, we are the only missionaries in the district that don't have keys to the church. The rest of the district had left or were about to leave the chapel when we did, so we doubted anyone would be there. That's when we remembered the Rutledges. They had keys to the church and had told us we could stop by any time to use them. They also happened to live right next to the Wendy's. #Miracle2

We drove over to their house with our food, to see if we could use their keys, but nobody was home! We decided to sit outside on their porch and eat our dinner, in the hopes thar they would show up. Shortly after saying a prayer, a slightly confused and amused Sister Rutledge pulled up! #Miracle3

We then headed to the church, where we found our phone, and realized that we had left one of the back doors to the church unlocked from earlier that day. So we locked it back up, and made it home in time for splits. #Miracle4

What I find so cool about this experience, was that we were able to witness so many miracles just lined up one after another. We could have just been enlightened and remembered we had left a door unlocked, but then I don't think we would have recognized the Lords hand in that. This way, we were able to see clearly the candy trail of miracles that we were following. Which is almost another miracle in and of itself. 

Then, we ended the week off great with the Williamsons. Usually we work, eat, teach, and run, but on Saturday we were able to enjoy the fruits of our labors! I tore up some old wooden thing (just prying up all the planks), and Elder Vickers chopped up the wood. Then we burnt all the wood and were able to roast marshmallows on the fire! It was a blast. 

Last but certainly not least, the newest edition to my plant menagerie: Bonsly! 

Those coconuts are actually balancing on each other. 
I don't know how I manage these things...
(I transplanted him into something I thought was cooler)


Elder Horne