Monday, June 9, 2014

Blackbirds not singin'

This week, a sad thing happened. 

My first road kill. We were driving along a windy back road, when suddenly out of the bushes flys a blackbird. No big deal, happens all the time. So this bird starts flying the same direction we were driving, just not nearly as fast. He has a head start of a couple yards, but that didn't last him for very long. Right before impact I am expecting this bird to move. I am counting on it. "I've never hit a bird," I thought. Well, I'm not sure what was going through this birds head; maybe he thought he would try to race Sabrina, maybe he was showing off for some lady bird. I can promise you this though, after slamming into our windshield and tumbling across the car and into the street, there wasn't anything going through that little birds head. 

And thus went the blackbird. 

Then, almost immediately after that, we arrived at our destination! A farm in the middle of nowhere. The only company around was a large herd of cows. Until we pulled up to park, and realized with some shock, that not only were there cars where there is usually just pavement, there were nice cars! 

There were like three times this many

We still aren't sure as to why there was an abnormally large amount of Porsches parked in front of this usually vacant farm out in the boonies, and we may just never know. We've heard rumors of an Amish mafia, but I would have been expecting luxury buggies over luxury vehicles. 

Also, this week we decided to take a trip to the first Dairy Queen! Or so we thought. The other elders in our district kept telling us that they had the first Dairy Queen in their area, so on the way back from zone training we decided to stop in. Now, there are no signs, no advertisements, no flashing lights telling us this is the first Dairy Queen. Elder Karren was just positive that it was. With more than a little doubt and skepticism, I asked one of the employees if this indeed was the first Dairy Queen. Lo and behold, the first Dairy Queen is actually located in Illinois. Whoda thunk. So our whole adventure out to see the first Dairy Queen ended up with me just getting a milkshake, and squished sprinkles all over the seat of my pants. 

Lastly, we stumbled across a ghost town, in the middle of town. Our appointment had fallen through, and so we decided to go tracting down one of the streets in inner Coatesville. Whilst walking down it, we realized that every single home on the block was abandoned. Every single one. Usually there's a handful on each street, but it didn't take long before we realized that nobody lived on this street. Eerie, but pretty fun at the same time. Oh the things you'll find in Coatesville.

Here is a cool (with the potential to be really cool) story from this week. We were visiting a recently reactivated member, and were talking to him about missionary work. He has a lot of friends and family who aren't members and we were trying to help him with sharing the gospel. Long story short, the main people he has been wanting to share the gospel with live in Kenya (there are a lot of Africans out here, usually they are Liberian though) and they are far from the church and missionaries. However, they have a laptop, which means they aren't too far from us! So, hopefully this next week we are going to start teaching people in Kenya via Facebook and Skype. Pretty much the coolest thing ever, in my opinion. 

"Behold, I [the Lord] will hasten my work in its time." D&C 88:73

Elder Horne