Monday, June 2, 2014

Party with the Gringotts Goblin

I wasn't nearly as good at taking pictures this week; picture time is now going to be story time. 

First though, I did take one picture! We were at someone's apartment, and they were looking for something and found this mask. While they kept searching I decided to put the mask on to see if I could scare them when they came back. However, my glasses became an obstacle, and in order for me to see I had to put them on the outside of the mask. I immediately became less scary, and they just thought I looked like a Gringott's goblin, rather than some Halloween terror. Life of a four-eyes, I guess...

On a related scary note, we went hunting this week! So, Elder Murphy and I were planning for the week at the chapel, just after having lunch, and while we were sitting there in the primary room, happily (and sleepily) planning away, we heard it. Scuttles and scratches of some unknown rodent, prowling around the ceiling tiles. I naturally assumed he had come for me. Thus, the hunt began. Immediately there were tables out, cameras drawn, and a foam sword at the ready. We began searching the ceiling tiles, which was a nightmare. I was never quite sure whether it was watching me, or preparing to pounce; the unknown is a scary place. We couldn't find a flashlight, so we decided to try taking pictures up above the ceiling tiles. Potentially the worst idea ever. We started snapping photos with the flash, and I was just waiting to take a picture, having the little rascal be like an inch from my hand or something, or just light it up right in front of me. Or to discover that it was something terrifying, like a possum or a werewolf, rather than a squirrel or mouse. 

The search continued, we never found it. We could hear it kind of move away, and imagine that it's still out there, somewhere, lurking in the upper chambers of the chapel, waiting for our return. 

Anyway, back to happy thoughts and happy places!

So, exciting news from the PPM: we are getting Spanish sister missionaries!! Soon, we will have Hermanas. For reals. We learned that from a new sister, who came out this past week, who is from Guatemala. This past transfer the sister missionaries that arrived were all English assigned missionaries, as usual, but were native Spanish speakers. So, we are going to have some native Spanish speaking sisters come in, and then they will train the new Spanish assigned missionaries (native speaking or gringo), and we'll have official Spanish sisters! 

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day, that was filled with fun and games, and lots of good food. Hopefully there was an absence of poison ivy resulting in nasty blisters and rashes. Because I can personally tell you, that's not fun. Despite all that however, I hope you were able to take some time to remember those who have fought for our country, and for the freedoms and the privileges that we now enjoy, and that we now have the responsibility to fight for as well. We may not be on the battlefield or in the line of fire, but we can be at the ballots and we can defend our beliefs. 

Now, I'll stop talking before I get into anything political, because that's not what missionaries do. Besides, I already had an engaging discussion this week about foreign law, the pros and cons of the adversarial versus inquisitorial systems, and the different approaches countries take to be just in their judiciary. Basically just doing U3 and Mama Wulf proud.  

In priest quorum this week (yes, we sometimes go to priest quorum, and it's the best) we were talking about different crossroads we reach in life, and the different choices that are competing for our attention. For the priests those are largely missionary service, and education. However, daily we meet our own crossroads. Every decision we make leads us in a certain direction and down a certain path. Which makes it vitally important that we have a direction. If not, we may just find ourselves like Alice, asking the Cheshire Cat which way to go, only to realize that if we don't have anywhere we want to be then it doesn't really matter where we go. 

Yet we don't always need to see the path ahead in order to keep moving forward. We aren't given a road map that displays all of our future decisions, or an answer key that tells us what all the correct choices will be. Having some sort of goal in mind helps us know which path to take when we do hit the crossroads, because we all will hit the crossroads. 

So if you aren't sure where you're going, make sure there is somewhere, something, someone you want to be. 

Elder Horne