Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"White As Snow"

And I thought I had a lot of pictures last week...

SO, this week was slightly different than expected, but still tremendously awesome and great.

Destiney's baptism was Tuesday, and it was such a wonderful experience!! There were so many people there, and everything went perfectly. Except that Elder Lake forgot to bring a change of shirt, so I had to mummy wrap his sleeves in paper towels before he would put his suit jacket back on. Other than that, it was perfect.

Than, we were preparing to go to the temple with them on Saturday, and we had found 47 names for baptisms from their family! We were so excited! Everything was ready and perfect and happy! Until they cancelled the trip due to snow and rescheduled for September... immediate sadness. We'll figure something out so we can go soon.

We also had a mission conference yesterday! This is the first time our mission has all met together in at least 5 years! Elder Evans of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy, and Elder Allen of the 5th Quorum of the Seventy came and presented training to us on using our digital devices! We will be getting new iPads next week (maybe later) and they'll be rolling out all these new updates in stages. It's exciting stuff. They were awesome.

And... I took a lot of pictures... this is only like, 10%.

Destiney's baptism!!! 

So... we never take selfies, and so when the roads are bad and I'm sliding the car everywhere,
that is when we take seflies. 
And even when I'm taking distracted photos I still manage to be super squinty...

Yay, driving in the snow! 

I made a little snowman outside our apartment! Finally!

I also finally made these cupcakes that my family sent me mix for. 
They turned out pretty good, I messed up the frosting, so it was a little runny...

...as you can probably tell.

Driving past Philly on our way to the Mission Conference!

My "daughter" Sister Johnstone and "grand-daughter" Sister Gomm!

Elder Hunsaker was my zone leader in Downingtown, and then also here in Jersey
Now he is in Linwood!


Oh, and someone gave us a painting of the Last Supper,
so that was pretty sweet.

Elder Horne