Monday, February 9, 2015

Family History Missionary Work

This past week was fantastic!

We are so excited for the baptism this coming Sunday, and then going to the temple the following Saturday with their family.

Awesome miracle. Our mission president told us that we needed 10 male names from this recent converts family history for us to take to the temple, if we wanted to go. The only people this family knew were the parents, and the grandmother. That's all we had to work with. We were wondering how we would be able to find 10 male names to take to the temple, when we could barely get started finding information! Well, after a couple hours, finding more information on the parents, we finally figured out one of the grandfathers names. As we were cross-checking things on, we found something that almost made me fall out of my seat. Some kind soul had made a public family history of this family, going back 5 generations, and it started with the grandfather!!! This family went from having almost no idea about where their family was from, who they were or where they lived, to having dozens of documents linked together, providing invaluable information. So exciting!!!! It was such a miracle, we had been praying that we would have a breakthrough somewhere, and decided to turn to even though we weren't familiar with it, and the Lord provided. We had hit a roadblock, and the Lord led us where we needed to go, so we could help this family.

Family history work is so exciting, and so thrilling! It's incredible.

We've been keeping busy preparing for the baptism, and doing all we can to make that the best experience, and then also helping to prepare for the temple trip, so we can make that the best experience for them as well. Happiness happiness happiness.

We will make sure we take pictures, because I have been slacking on that lately. So, brace yourselves.

Elder Horne

PS All my plants are dying, so that's not happy...