Monday, February 2, 2015

Cheesecake + Temples

Sometimes when you're waiting to Face Time you're Zone Leaders, you take a few selfies... in the high council room, on the nice swively chairs. Because yes. 

And sometimes I have this for my breakfast... 
(That would be caramel hot chocolate, by the way)

So, pretty much living the life over here. 

This week starts another transfer. Elder Lake and I are staying together (thank goodness), but the rest of the district is changing, so that'll be fun to either meet some new missionaries, or be reunited with friends. 

About that snow storm that never was... ya... I would have taken some pictures to post, but there wasn't really anything that happened. So, that was a fun false alarm I guess. Apparently it hit further north, but we were fine. The weather has been fine. Winter hasn't been nearly as merciless as last year was. I'll count my blessings and not my snowmen.

We have an investigator who is planning to get baptized on February 15, so we are working really hard to make sure everything is planned and perfect. She'll be going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead shortly afterwards, so that will be incredibly fantastic! Plus we'll be there, so I will be so happy I might explode. All the happiness, all at once. Look out. The temple is the best. Everyone should just go to the temple and be happy. 

Cheesecake + Temples = Happiness

So, naturally, there is a lot of happiness going on over here. Always all the time. And now you have the formula, so go and be happy too!