Monday, January 26, 2015

Growing Fast, Growing Up

Because I only ever talk about my plants...

Man, Meg is growing up way too fast! I am worried that she won't last until the end! I'm not sure how long flowers live, but this is how much she's grown already.

This is where she was at earlier this week.

Here she is this morning.

They grow up too soon. All my summer plants are pretty much dead, which is unfortunate.

For everyone who looks at this blog, they probably think that missionaries are just weird botanists. So much plants...

Anyway. This week was really really full, and I'm having a hard time remembering anything. We had another meeting in Broomall (3 weeks in a row we've had to drive back to PA) for all the goldens and their trainers. That was awesome. Elder Lake is growing up fast too! Before I know it, he'll be off in the mission doing grown up missionary work all on his own!

Going out into the storm. Speaking of which, we're supposed to be snowed under this week. So, if you don't hear from me next week, start shoveling. We haven't experienced any of the snow or wind yet, but I guess it's supposed to hit later tonight. We'll see what happens. I'll take pictures (hopefully) and post those next week. 

Also, ever since a member of the ward out here was called to serve in the Thailand Bangkok Mission, I keep hearing about it everywhere. So, here is an awesome video that the Church shared on Facebook that other day that I thought was awesome. Probably because I'm a missionary, but maybe other people will think it's awesome too.

Love you all!
Elder Horne