Monday, February 16, 2015

Snowy Valentines

I have pictures.

This week was a lot different than I thought it would be! That's one way to put it. It's been really cold, and we went on exchanges, and just lots of things to keep us busy.

Valentines weekend was great! Just before Valentines day, we decided to go to the college campus and hand out a ton of pass-along card valentines! We basically just wrote on a ton of pass-along cards, and tied some ribbon and a Dum-Dum to each one and walked around campus passing them out. It was a lot of fun! We met some awesome people, most of whom wanted us to learn that it was singles-awareness day and tell us their sad story of being single of Valentines Day, but it was still great!

The family sent me this awesome awesome package. I was blown away to see something incredible. An orchid!!! It still doesn't have a name yet, but we're getting there. We've had a busy week okay.

She makes our bathroom look prettier, that's for sure. 

Also in the package was some mix for Red Velvet Pancakes. So, for breakfast we made those. I promise that they were actually really good, but in this picture they kind of look like beef patties... The eggs also look awful (they had red food coloring in them). I thought about taking a picture with different lighting to make the food look good, but I thought it was fun how unappetizing they look in this picture!

Oh, and in this picture the pancakes might look slightly burnt, I don't know why that is.
They were perfect.
The bacon on the other hand, ya that got a little burnt...

Most of Valentines day we went and stopped by a lot of the widows in our ward and gave them some Valentines cards, which was a lot of fun. I don't know if it's because I'm a missionary, or what, but all these older ladies in the ward just love it when we stop by. Especially when we have cards and candy! Well, who wouldn't want that???

The night of the 14th however, things took a turn. We walked outside of the church before heading home, and we stumbled upon this. (Note: everything was clear an hour beforehand) 

We were so surprised! All this snow just came from nowhere, and it was falling fast and heavy. I had the enjoyment of driving home through all the snow (none of the roads were plowed by this point), which hasn't happened in a long time because we either are told not to drive, or the roads are clear. We made it home safe though, so all is well.


Both of our church meetings are cancelled for Sunday and the baptism is rescheduled. Come on snow! That wasn't too fun, I'll be honest. The snow wasn't too bad in the morning when we woke up, it had stopped overnight. It was really really windy though, and cold.

See? Not bad.

Now it is still really cold, and we are waiting for more snow this week. Hurray for hot chocolate!! The baptism will be on Tuesday, and we'll be going to the temple on Saturday, so be prepared for even GREATER pictures next week! Happinesss!!!

On random notes: I had a service for my dead plants. Luke has been dead for awhile now, Leia followed soon after (twins!), Bonsly had been struggling, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was doing just fine until recently! He still looked okay, but his roots failed and he fell over... Meg is fading fast, so you might see her soon...

Buried in their own dirt... 
"dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return" (Genesis 3:19)

On another random note! I rearranged my desk. I wish I took a 'before' before. It was messy, and I had all my stuff up here, but I decided I wanted to go for a more concise, sophisticated desk. Minimalist.

There is still quite a bit of stuff, I know, but at least it is slightly more organized and clean!

That's all.

Elder Horne