Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Twas the Night before Christmas

So much has happened this past week!

First, transfers. Elder Larsen went to Philly, so that is pretty exciting! He's got a good companion and all will be well (as long as he doesn't get robbed). After transfers I worked around Philly with some other missionaries while I waited until Wednesday to pick up my golden, so that was pretty fun.

GOLDEN! My boy arrived. Fresh and right out of the MTC. Elder Lake! He's from Gilbert, AZ (sooo many missionaries from Arizona what is this), so that's pretty exciting. He's the oldest in his family, so the first to serve a mission out of his siblings. He's such a goofball and so fun. He's into anime and Korean food. He's a young bull, 18, just out of high school. And he's just a super awesome missionary and I'm so excited to be training him! First born in the wilderness.

We kind of look related, right?

Here are all the golden missionaries that just came out. They're all pretty awesome. Just not quite as awesome as Elder Lake.

They are so golden and new, it's so exciting!


CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! I am excited. Everyone should be excited. Christmas spirit is just one of the warmest, sentimental, greatest things ever. The spirit of Christ.

We've been scheduling visits to members homes, figuring stuff out to Skype/FaceTime home, and get all the logistics figured out. Yet, we've also been trying to focus on giving, and find opportunities to help and serve others. We've been sending giving out a lot of Christmas cards. Some were left on the door and we ran (although none of those really worked out... when someone pulls into the driveway while you're trying to get back to your car: cover. blown.), others we delivered in person. It's just been a lot of fun finding different ways to uplift and help others. We're excited for Christmas, because we can go and visit people and give of our time, to help them feel Christ's love this time of year. Going to some rest homes, visiting some older individuals, singing songs, just everything we've been able to think of.

Focusing on others = Happiness.

So, we've been having some extra additional happiness lately. Missionary work brings in the happiness, but during Christmas time that just grows and grows.


Elder Horne