Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a Golden Christmas

5 week transfers go FAST.

It's already been a transfer since I got here, and Elder Larsen is leaving! He'll be my shortest lived companion ever, presumably. So, after 5 weeks, we're going full force into the Christmas season and everything is going fantastic. I'm also so excited because my next companion will be a golden! Or a greenie! Or whatever else new missionaries hot-off-the-press are called! I'm really excited to be training, and I really hope to make this brand new missionaries first Christmas in the mission the absolute best thing ever. It'd be hard to leave right before Christmas, but he'll be working too hard and having way too much fun (all good fun) to be thinking too much about home. Hopefully.

Being Elder Larsen's last week, we did so much better than we have been doing about taking pictures!!! We actually took some! Hurray!! 

Here we go:

You've got to use an unused treadmill (it's really lousy) for something right?
All you need in life is construction paper, anything is possible.
OH, and the gospel. You need that too.

My lovely Relief Society (my all sisters district) ready to #ShareTheGift!
Good thing my mom showed me how to be a good Relief Society President...
(center-pieces, snacks, and activities for days)

Our first "real" snow! 

Thankfully it was warm enough so it didn't stick to the roads.

Our area goes up to the Delaware River, which is cool because Philly is just across the water.

And I love/miss the water so I'm pretty much in heaven, and maybe a little obsessed. 

These are only a couple of the many pictures I've taken of this river...

And naturally I have to wear my fun paddle socks if we're going to the water. 

...and take other fun pictures with assorted scenery and historic memorabilia. 

AND of course I had to get at least one good photo by the water, even though it was freezing cold.
Literally, freezing cold, and extraordinarily windy; note windblown hair.
I sacrificed my coat, and scarf, and gloves, all for the sake of a picture (but I did have them with me)

There you have it. See, we took a lot of pictures this week! And this isn't even all of them! Just the ones that are decent and not awful. 

We're getting all geared up for the holidays. I hung up more lights (we have so many) and made some more snowflakes, and curled lots of ribbon, and am burning through rolls of tape like Buddy the Elf. We also went caroling, and had our Christmas party, and are finding lots of brilliant people.

Life is good. Life is happy. 

Elder Horne