Monday, December 8, 2014

Stars were Gleaming

Whelp. This week was awesome.

And I can't even remember what happened.

There has just been this permeating Christmas spirit, and it's blanketing over everything, and making it all wonderful and spiritual and lovely. We were just able to have so many special experiences this week, it's been great. The visits/lessons we had, singing in stake choir, stake conference, the Christmas devotional, seeing members of the Linwood Ward, cookies and milk, watching He is the Gift a thousand times, so much Christmas music; the list goes on and on.

It's just been unbelievably stellar, and bright, and clear.

I'll try to explain.

In our lives sometimes it's hard to see clearly, and the night comes and it's dark. It may be foggy, maybe it's raining or overcast, maybe there is some smog and pollution in the air. Whatever it is, there just seems to be this apparent and physical/spiritual heaviness and darkness that is just weighing upon is. That is keeping us from seeing the stars.

Anyone who has seen the night sky knows where the stars are, and that they will always be there. The stars existence isn't conditional on our seeing them. They are simply there; countless and bright and beautiful. That doesn't change.

Our conditions change. If we're not grateful, or if we refuse to look up, we will never see the stars. We can pollute the air with sin and ignorance, and disbelief. We can prevent ourselves from seeing the stars. At least from seeing them as bright or as clear as we have before. We might be able to glimpse them, or find a few here and there, but with all the interference, we will never be able to witness the full majesty of the heavens.

Only by choosing to be grateful, to increase our faith, and to recognize that Heavenly Father loves us, and He is working in the details of our lives; will the fog of selfishness and disbelief dissipate and we will stand breathless underneath a bright sky full to the brim with blessings, in "good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over" (Luke 6:38). We will see the love of God in immeasurable amounts, and recognize how much He blesses those who love Him.

I stand in awe of how wonderful God is. How great and indescribable His love is. How I have been able to look up and see the stars, and reflect in humility and gratitude for how beautiful my life truly is. How blessed I am to know the gospel. To know my Savior. Stars that will forever burn bright in the canopy of my life.

He is the Gift.

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Elder Horne

PS I tried making a gingerbread house temple and failed. I took this picture like 30 seconds before the entire thing collapsed.