Monday, November 24, 2014

Turkey Thanks Turkey

I can't even remember what happened this week...

Lots of cold, and missionariness, and Christmas music (just wait until next week), and dark, and awesomeness. It was a really good week, I am just not too sure if I can remember why. My memory is going. And sadly I didn't take any pictures this week to help me remember. I need to repent and do better at that as well.   


This week is Thanksgiving and so that's really exciting!! Yaaaaaaaay. We have a couple families we are going to be visiting with on Thanksgiving, so it will be full of fun and food and lovely people. And then a part of me is over-anxious to put up our Christmas decorations already (again, wait until next week). We will also be going to the Turkey Bowl, but unlike last year being flag, this year will be tackle. And last year one of the missionaries (now home, playing professional rugby) was apparently a little tough on the ward and they want payback. Well... Someone needs to watch the hot chocolate and donuts, right? Right. 

Yet, Thanksgiving isn't actually about any of these things. It's about being grateful! And this past week during sacrament meeting, one of the YSAs said something I really liked. "God commands us to thank Him - not to make Him happy - but to make us happy." I thought that was pretty neat, and true. This past week I've just been finding so many things to be grateful for. Mostly just superficial things: that I have gloves, that it didn't snow today, that the person we just stopped by was friendly, that I now have the Pentatonix Christmas album (thanks Chani!), that a member was able to come out with us, that someone signed up to feed us dinner, etc. the list goes on and on. And the more I was thankful for all those little things, they all built together and helped me to be more grateful for the larger things: being a full time missionary, for family, friends, the gospel, church, other missionaries, and the Savior. 

And when I was grateful, I was happy. Really happy. 

Simple as that. 

And although Thanksgiving only comes once a year (or twice if you're cool and celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving) you can be grateful any time of the year, any time of the day. You always have the opportunity to be grateful, and so you always have the opportunity to be happy. Happy happy happy. 

I think that's pretty neat. 

Elder Horne

PS the 5th Anniversary of the YSA Branch