Monday, November 3, 2014

Elders Only Past This Point

This past week was great! Although I do not remember much of it... Time is just flying by so fast. It's unreal. I can't believe I hit my 18th month mark this past week. Plus, Elder Prestwich hit his 100 day mark. Weird. Elders only past this point. #cantstopwontstop

Halloween was pretty fun. I just zonked out. We had dinner with a member family (chili and cornbread, YUM) and then had to be in by 6. In most of PA trick-or-treating is legally set between 6-8 PM. You're not allowed to start before or after that. Which is kind of cool. Anyway, we came in for the night, and I was totally hoping to be productive, but I didn't actually make plans of productivity, so I was completely unproductive... I just watched church videos for hours. Literally, like 3 hours. If I had chosen longer videos it wouldn't have been so bad, but I went through tons of Mormon Messages, all the General Conference Highlights, the Phone Call, Johnny Lingo, Mormon Messages for Youth, Strength of Youth Media, and so on. My brain was more mushy than pumpkin slime. And add a whole bunch of starbursts and whoppers on top of that. 

It wasn't pretty. 

Southeast PA is pretty though! Absolutely beautiful. Going into late fall, there are the trees that are just brilliantly lit up with changing leaves, accompanied by the bare bark of others. Lots of wind, lots of clouds, lots of leaves everywhere. It could stay like this forever. Plus we got some clementine oranges (to die for) and the holiday season is totally here. Bliss. Just sweet bliss. I'm waiting for transfers though to start shopping and decorating and shopping. It's gonna to be amuzin'. 

Almost as amazing as Jonathan's baptism!!! Oh my goodness this family is the best. Like, they are seriously so awesome. This has been the fastest baptism I have seen (less than a month after initial contact), but he couldn't have been more prepared or ready. Such a sweet spirit, and powerful testimony. He probably gives the most moving prayers I've ever heard. So sincere. So sincere. And we love him so much. 

The Lord is so good to those that love Him. 

Elder Horne