Monday, November 17, 2014

Dreams Come True

Transfers = Perfection

When other missionaries ask you: "if you could have your dream transfer, what would it be?" This is what I've told them. YSA Ward, in New Jersey, and golden refining (being someone's second companion, right after they finish being trained). Lo, and behold, the heavens have opened and here I am! Serving in the Sewell Ward and Pitman YSA here in New Jersey with Elder Larsen (who just finished being trained)!

Dreams really do come true. 

Elder Larsen is awesome. He's from Mesa, AZ and loves tennis/golf, fancy pens, and nice clothes. He's been out for just 3 months and is a fantastic missionary. He doesn't have any winter clothes and its forecasted a high of 30 tomorrow and windy, so we are buying some today! 

I'm just so excited. So excited to be serving here, so excited to be with Elder Larsen, just so much excitement all over the place. Coming up is also stake conference, so I'll be able to see my old favorites from way back when in the Linwood Ward! I also reallymiss the people in Downingtown... but what are you going to do? C'est la vie.

More exciting, but different, news: we got in a car accident! It was actually not very exciting, although I'm pretty sure I'm still in shock. Probably. We were just driving down the road, when this car pulls out of a parking lot, t-bones the rear passenger side of our car, and then just drives away. It was all very sudden. It was nighttime. They didn't come back. We had a really nice cop lady come help us out. It was cold. We were fine. Our car is kind of fine. No injuries or anything, just an increasing acceptance of the widespread distaste for New Jersey drivers (especially from PA drivers). 

See, not bad.

 Everything else has been a blur. Just blurred information and craziness all just hitting me at once. Yay for learning a new area. It'll be good though. I'm content. We have good members, we are as close as I feel comfortable to true ghetto (we are next to Camden), the YSAs are wonderful, it's starting to get colder, and I'm just trying to stay on top of everything! This "break" of a Pday has been much needed. 

Love and miss you,
Elder Horne