Monday, September 2, 2013

Busy, Busy, Baptism!

Hey guys! Sorry its been awhile but it's been super super busy here, lots of work and without the car we have to spend a lot more time travelling and less time to do other things, like email. I hope that you guys are doing great! It's been awesome here, Elder Stubbs and I are doing great!! 
I had my first baptism last week!!!!! His name is Chris and he's the best. We taught him from ground up, and it was so incredible to see him make that first step and enter into the first covenant. I love the work its so great, and I hope you are all doing awesome. Here are some pictures to keep you guys filled in.
Elder Tan was able to come down from Pottstown, PA for the baptism. It was awesome. My hair is super long, I cut it myself this pday, and it doesnt look half bad! I was freaking out though I'll be honest.
Inline image 1
I decided that I wanted to serve a tropical mission, and we were doing service for some Puerto Ricans and they fed us afterwards but I took this awesome picture with my name tag, so I'm a Puerto Rican now, get over it.
Inline image 1 

Love you guys, talk to you next week!!
Elder Horne