Thursday, September 5, 2013

S'mores, Monopoly, and Miss America

I know I haven't written a lot recently. Everything is awesome out here, the summer has been nice, and it will be interesting to see how fall missionary work is like. 

Chris is doing awesome. He has found the "pearl of great price" and has been doing everything he can to greater experience the joy that comes from fully partaking of the gospel. 

Here is a picture of us with Chris at the Ikners. We came right after our zone unity, so we're wearing normal clothes. It was really weird not being dressed as a missionary. We had a water balloon fight and played games with the zone before that though so that was fun.

Also we had zone conference this week and Elder Kim is going home so I had to get a picture with him
Also some fun facts that I learned! Atlantic City (where we go a lot) is home of the Miss America Pageant, it is about to start here in a couple weeks, so that will be weird. Monopoly, the game, was also based off of Atlantic City. It's actually kind of cool to get on the bus at the bottom, and take it up and go through the game pretty much as you go up the city. 

Love you guys and hope you're doing great!

Elder Horne