Tuesday, August 20, 2013

another Elder Stubbs

So transfers were this week, fun stuff! My new companion is Elder Stubbs. I've been companions with both of the Elder Stubbs' in the mission, this is a different Elder Stubbs from the one that I was companions with in the MTC. He is from Palmdale, CA and is most definitely a country boy. I need some city slickers haha, seems like most people coming out are more country. At least they're nice, awesome people!
We did lose our car, and don't have bikes, which means we have been needing to walk EVERYWHERE, and it's been a very different experience. Walking miracle/lesson I learned the other day. So we were walking from the church, to the closest bus stop, which is almost an hour away, but having never walked there, we thought we could make it in half an hour. As we were walking, we realized that we were not going to make it to the bus stop in time to catch the bus home. Granted, this was the bus that was taking us home for the night, so it was already dark out and if we missed this bus than the next one wasn't scheduled to come until after curfew, and we would still have a 20 minute bus ride. With all that said, we were desperately trying to make the bus. I was saying a prayer as we hurried to get there, that we would be able to catch our bus so we could make it in time. I thought of 1 Nephi 3:7, that the Lord doesn't give us commandments excepts he provides a way that we can keep them, so I was kind of pushing that one on the Lord, and having faith that he would provide a way for us to make it on time. Then the thought came into my mind to hitch hike. Now we're walking in the boonies, which is why there weren't any bus stops close by, and it was night time, and I did NOT want to hitch hike, but then I thought if that's how the Lord is going to get me home, I have to do it. I never thought that something so simple as sticking my thumb out to the side could be so difficult, but it truly was an act of faith! As I did so, none of the cars stopped, but I knew that if I did what the Lord wanted I would be fine. We ended up at the bus stop 15 minutes late, and I was confident the Lord would send us a bus so we could make it in time. I refused to take out the bus schedule to look up the next time, I refused to call our district leader to tell him we would be in late, because I knew that I had done what the Lord wanted and that he would follow through. In lieu to my stubborn faith, the bus came!! We were able to make it home on time, and I didn't care what anyone thought, I got on that bus and said a prayer I was so grateful. 1 Nephi 3:7 is true, and I love it!!
Here's a picture of Elder Stubbs and me,
Love you guys!
Elder Horne