Monday, July 22, 2013

Hot Hot Hot

So this week has been really hot. At least for this area, and the humidity has been pretty bad too. I think the worst was when we got inside and I took off my backpack and I just had too dark lines where my backpack straps were from sweat (and I'm sure you didnt want to hear that, sorry haha). The nice thing about it was that people would invite us inside or give us waterbottles, so we were able to talk to more people.
We have been tracting a lot, just to find more people while the weather is still nice, because we're not going to be tracting as much in the winter time. It's a lot of fun, I like tracting just because we get to meet a lot of people that way. We met these awesome people this week. They were outside smoking and drinking beers and were kind of just eyeing us, but we went and talked to them and they were really friendly. I was surprise how well I got along with them, after about 20 minutes we were talking to them like we'd known them forever, like family friends. One of the guys actually roomed with a Mormon while he was at college, and they're really interested so hopefully we'll be able to help them strengthen their faith in Christ and progress in the gospel. I consider those people one of the tender mercies of the Lord. After working all day in the hot sun to find some great people.
Sister Beames sent us some Hi-Chews back from Idaho, and needless to say I devoured them. She's awesome.
Here is proof that it was actually really hot, and the humidity made me feel like I was about to die.
SOME of the waterbottles we got in one day, haha.
Love you guys!!
Elder Horne
Here's a little analogy Matt included in a letter to Mom.
...this morning during 30 min exercise i was thinking about exercise (thats about as far is it gets haha) and how when we work muscles, we push them to their fullest extent, because we know thats how they'll grow, and then once they're stronger we work them harder than before. I realized that we're kind of like muscles that God is working. People think that once they finish one trial then all the other ones will be easy, but we don't work a muscle and then lessen the weight. That we are given trials to help us grow, and then onced we've learned and grown then we get another one to help us continue. There was a scripture in the bible that I liked, that says "we glory in tribulations, for tribulations teach us patience" or something like that. And I was just like, wow. We really should glory in our trials, because no matter the trial, overcoming it with faith helps us become more Christlike. I saw a quote that basically said that will all the things we dislike, if we didn't have them we wouldn't learn to become like Christ. Like if we didn't work with a cranky lady, or didn't have to wake up early, or didnt have blah blah blah, then we wouldn't learn patience, we wouldn't learn diligence, we wouldn't learn to beome more like Christ. So there is my 30 minute exercise shpeel