Sunday, July 21, 2013


This week has been really busy, but really great at the same time. We're just about to head off to an Asian market because Elder Tan has been dying to go there, Im going to have him teach more some Mandarin, but Im sure I will just look like a fool haha.

The teaching has been going great, we are working a LOT with the members and the ward to help them do missionary work. We know they all want to, but the actually doing is the complicated part, so we've been going to see them and helping a lot with that. Its great working with members they are so powerful in missionary work.

Here are a bunch of pictures though because I know thats what you guys like to see!

So Elder Madsen and Elder Kitsell are our companionship bffs, and I'm really sad this picture is blurry, but you can kind of tell how awesome they are despite that.

This week I got Allison's package, and I'm still laughing about it. There were some awesome mustache stickers, dinosaurs, star wars mad libs and more. The greatest thing though was this shirt. It is legendary and I'm overly obsessed with it. Be jealous of our awesome friendship.

So we went to Johnny D's again, and I think that's the biggest source of my weight gain, because these slices of pizza are huge and it's not good haha. Why do they have to be so delicious???

So this is a cool family, we love them. It was her birthday yesterday, and we had amazing food. It was the same as the Crab Pot, for those who have been there, we were so happy she invited us over for dinner. Anyways, they're awesome and we love them.

I hope you guys are doing great!
Love and miss you
Elder Horne