Monday, April 6, 2015

Meetings + Revelation

This past week was full.

Full of meetings. So, so, many meetings.

Thursday: district meeting. It was wonderful, I learned a lot, we talked about the Holy Ghost; all in preparation to receive revelation from our next meetings!

Friday: zone conference. It's like, an all day deal. We left around 7, got back at about 6. It was my last zone conference, so naturally it was sentimental and happy and sad. All the departing missionaries were able to share their testimonies at the end with the 6 zones that were there. That was really awesome, I'm grateful that I had that opportunity, and also the opportunity to hear from my fellow old missionaries. It was just a wonderful day. Wrapped up great, coming home to Chinese buffet.

All leading up to...

General Conference!! Saturday and Sunday. It was so lovely. Absolutely wonderful. The talks were amazing, the choirs did fantastic, equal amounts of "ooh" and "ahh." Lots and lots of notes and insights and nuggets of pure wisdom. I just loved it completely. My mind was just blown, so now I'm working to compile all my notes, to recall all the things I was inspired to write and do.

And it was Easter Sunday as well! Beautiful day, here in Jersey, and it was such an amazing Easter. Watching Conference, and then being fed by members whom we love. Lots of food. It was just a tremendous opportunity to reflect on the resurrection of the Savior by listening to the words of the prophet and apostles, and church leaders; to contemplate on all that He went through, all that He has done for us.

Wonderful, wonderful week. I'd encourage everyone to, as President Uchtdorf mentioned, remember Easter throughout the entire year, and to view or review the messages taught at Conference!

Elder Horne