Monday, April 13, 2015

Forecast: Awesome

I can count the days on my fingers and toes.

That's interesting.

Also, I will only have one more blog post, so next week will be the last one! I'll fill you in on how the next two weeks are going to pan out (no more surprises). This week we'll be on exchange in Moorestown, and we have a ward party on Saturday. For this coming Sunday, the ward choir director surprised me by announcing that we would be singing one of my favorite songs that we are working on - a neat rendition of My Heavenly Father Loves Me - for my last week! Next Monday, we'll be headed down to the shore, to have dinner with one of my favorite families, from my first area! At the end of next week, I'll go to the temple on Friday with the other departing missionaries, and on Saturday with a family from Downingtown that is going to be sealed! My last Sunday will be a Stake Conference Broadcast, and on Monday I'll get dropped off at the mission office. Tuesday: game day.

It's so interesting to see it all written down. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father is keeping me busy busy busy! The members here are being wonderful, and totally spoiling us with meals and service opportunities. They're great. The weather is beautiful, mid 70s.

Life is good. Missionary work is the best. Miracles every day.

General Conference is also now fully loaded on the Gospel Library App, so we have been tearing that up, in a sense, and I find as I'm reading that there are things that I missed, and also things that I learned from the Spirit that aren't actually in the talks. I love it when that happens, except that I can't highlight it and section it off all pretty-like... oh well.

On a random note, we had my last zone training this week, and I did a musical number with Sister Johnstone. We sang Because I Have, which is from Because I Have Been Given Much but with a different verse about missionary work that I wrote. It was a lot of fun, I was going to take a video and put it on here, but I forgot. Sorry.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the Spring; God is good!

Elder Horne