Monday, October 13, 2014

Wild Week. Best Week.

This week was wild, and random, but oh so good. Seriously. Best week ever.
Let's start with the beginning.

Elder Prestwich loves golf. Brother Carr (who oversees the temple site) loves golf. Elder Horne has never golfed. So we went golfing! They suggested I didn't play, due to my inexperience, so I was privileged enough to ride around in the golf cart and snap lots of pictures. It was the most beautiful fall day, and the course was nice, so I was content. Throw in some Bach and a Starbucks caramel apple spice: heaven. I didn't have either of those things, but just imagine.
All this most lovely fall weather has rekindled my hot chocolate/apple cider/herbal tea obsession. I drink at least one large cup of hot chocolate every morning (and night) accompanied with some cider or tea throughout the day. And when I remember, we listen to Bach.
This wonderfulness has only made me slightly more loopy than usual, as you can see in the glasses adventure that we had the other day. When you've been weekly planning for a long time, and you are really tired, some things are just really funny. For example:

OK, now for the two most awesomest things that happened this week.
First: Meet the Mormons. #feels. Feels, my friends. So many (but not as many as will be coming later). I absolutely loved this movie. So stinking good, SO stinking good. We watched it before it was released in theaters so that we could understand what people would be telling us about it. And also so that we could want to tell EVERYONE to go watch it. 6 Mormon individuals and their lives. The Candy Bomber. Nuff said. Seriously, I couldn't handle his story. Too good.

So go and watch it, or find it, or do something. Because that is one awesome movie. Church documentary level: celestial.

Second (and lastly): Jim's baptism. #ALLthefeels. Seriously all the feels. It was like, so many. Sister Johnstone and I sung his favorite him - It Is Well With My Soul - and they had family there, and he was just a happy mess, and it was absolutely the most wonderful thing ever. Oh my goodness I love this old man. Being here from Day 1, all the way back in May, has been such a blessing. Sweetest baptismal service.

And also probably the craziest day of Jim's life... Because a couple hours later he had a seizure, broke his ankle, and won't be able to work for at least 6 months. And even though that was a whirlwind and extremely crazy, all things considered, we consider it a blessing. Because one of the greatest challenges we faced with him was getting work off on Sunday. Not a challenge anymore! So, Sunday was just... Everything. Everything happened on Sunday.
All things taken into account: best week ever.
Elder Horne