Monday, May 5, 2014

Year One

AHHH! The year mark has come and gone. That is so surreal. I can't believe it has already been a year, and I can't believe I only have one year left. It's given me this sense of urgency about the work,  which has been really good.

May 1. What a day. It was purrfect. I'll run you through it.

So, we had zone training in the morning, and in order to save miles we got a ride with the West Chester elders. They live west of the Brandywine River (we actually live in the Shire, nbd) and Broomall, where we have zone training, is east of the Brandywine. Now, the day before we got SO much rain, everything was flooded. Roads everywhere were closed - some still are - and it was just a nightmare. I wish I would have taken pictures. Anyway, we ended up getting there almost an hour later than we planned. As we were trying to cross the Brandywine, 2 bridges were submerged, and one had actually been washed away. It was madness!

Zone training was really good though, Sister McNeil gave me this ginormous yellow tie to celebrate our year mark. Here is a picture that they took afterward, Valley Forge West is clearly the best dressed zone. (I spy Sister Hanson from Maple Valley!)

OK, so the rest of the post (2/3 of it) got deleted somehow when I tried to post it, but here is the extremely condensed version of what happened next:

Went on exchanges, was right next to the King of Prussia mall (big mall), tried a bunch of new foods at a Chinese buffet including calamari, Sister Arguetta who I served with in Scranton is going home at the end of this transfer (my mission friends are now leaving, it's weird), and there are a lot of great things that you can learn from studying the scriptures! 

Ya. So, next week will be better, I won't lose 2/3 of my post!

Elder Horne

Picture of Sister Arguetta and I