Monday, May 12, 2014

George of the Jungle

This week was great! Using FaceTime to call home was the perfect way to end the week. What a wonderful Mother's Day it was. Crazy when they reminded me that I will only get to call home one more time! We had a lot of fun though, and it was great to see Mom on Mother's Day.

At the beginning of the week, I went out and got more plants (the twins, Luke and Leia)! By the end of my mission I think my apartment will look more like a jungle. Here are the 6 plants I have right now:




Sofia Martinez


and Leia

There they are, oldest to youngest. It is so fun having plants, it's like I have a little family out here while I'm on my mission that I can take care of and watch grow. They're the best.

We also had fun this week doing service again. We were serving lunch like we usually do on Tuesdays, and it was the most awkward thing. We never eat the food that they're serving, we always just go home and eat lunch afterward. However, the people there seemed to realize that, and they kept insisting that we eat! We just kept insisting we weren't hungry haha. Throughout my entire mission, I haven't had any problems with the food that people have given us, it's always been pretty good. I did NOT want to eat that food though. The Lord delivered us and we made it out, thank goodness. I guess we'll see what happens this week!

Zone Conference was this week, and I was able to learn a lot there.

We studied the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25, and I love the imagery of burying our talents, or using them. I think sometimes we are fooled into thinking that we need to sacrifice ourselves as we try our best to serve The Lord. Sacrifice meaning losing, giving up, and not making the most of what we have. However, we were not sent to earth to just bury the things we have been blessed with, we were sent here to use them. That's where it becomes important that we consecrate
the things that we have been given. We turn our lives to The Lord, and he magnifies us. We aren't simply turning ourselves in, throwing in the towel, we are meant to be built up! When we have a purpose, a goal, a dream, it's like sheet music; we have direction and we can use our instruments to reach their potential. Our hopes and dreams are transformed into action. However, if we are ever to play, to make music, we need to turn to the orchestrator of our lives. The Master will direct us, and we will be able to reach heights greater than we could ever dream of.

Elder Horne

McDonald's toys are still fun