Monday, May 19, 2014

Peter Rabbit, or Bugs Bunny?

Most random experience ever. So, we were doing service for this one family (we did a lot of service this week, stay tuned) like we do every week before we teach a lesson and eat dinner, and everything was going pretty smooth. We were raking up some leaves and tossing them over their fence into the woods, no big deal. I picked up a pile of leaves in preparation to toss it, and the pile starts emitting these high pitched squeaks! I freaked out, fearing the worst: rats, mice, dragons, etc. when these little brown balls start darting everywhere. We had stumbled upon a little family of baby bunnies! Instantly my fear turned into adoration as I saw these tiny little guys, clearly petrified (which was understandable because I had just picked up their home), and scattered across the yard.

So then I went and got my camera.

We ended up just letting them figure things out, because we couldn't keep them or anything, so we are hoping they did alright.

Now, the rest of the service we did wasn't nearly as exciting or adorable, but we still had fun. We were cutting down this tree that was growing into a members house, but they lived in a somewhat densely populated area, and their tree was right next to the sidewalk, which had cars parked alongside it. There were also wires running through the tree which didn't make things easier. So, this one required some delicate dismantling. I, being the smaller and more agile one in the companionship, ended up in the tree, with a saw. Needless to say, tree pose was taken to a whole new level. It made me grateful for my little feets and balance, because trying to saw off branches while striking a peculiar warrior pose was something I felt especially designed to do.

We also likened the scriptures in real life! D&C 4:4 "for behold, the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul." While we were doing service, we found two sickles in this ladies garage! Why she had them, we have no clue. Nevertheless, my companion and I went outside to harvest an imaginary field, with these newly discovered gems. So, if you happened to see two young gentleman the other day, walking around waving sickles in the air, that was us.

Apparently Lancaster County is the Amish capital of the world. So happens, we are in the county that borders Lancaster. The other day, we visited one of the towns near the borders of the mission, and to my surprise, found all these Amish people! I felt so out of place, surrounded by horse drawn buggies, men with beards and fun hats, and kids riding around on their cool scooters. It was like I had walked in to a scene from an old church history video. Except for that one Amish lady using a weed whacker, that didn't make sense to me... Oh the people you meet on your mission.

Last story. To finish off our week, we decided to have a movie night. Elder Murphy made this fantastic little set up, wherein we watched the Testaments. Glorious way to end the week.

Now, on a more spiritual note, miracle of the week! So, we have really been focused on finding new people to teach lately, and so we were driving to the place which we had previously designed to go. When we got there, we decided to drive down a certain street because it looked like it might wrap around at the end and make it a little easier for us to tract. When we reached the end of the street however, there was an adjoining street. As we were going to turn around to start back at the beginning of that neighborhood, we spied further down the road this beautiful windy road overshadowed with trees. Now, when life gives you a beautiful windy road, you take it. So we decided to leave the neighborhood we were in, and drive down this new road. We saw on the GPS a tiny side street, and decided that was the place. When we arrived at this side street it sort of just popped up out of nowhere. There were just a few houses, but we knew that we were supposed to be
there, so we said a prayer, got out of the car, and got to work. As we were walking up to this one house, a guy pulled up in his van and went inside. So, we knew he saw us and that he knew we were coming. When we knocked on the door, we met this nicest guy! He has been wanting to learn more about the church, because he's heard about it and has been considering it for a long time. He wasn't sure if we were receptive to visitors though, or where he would be able to learn more. So, we were so grateful that Heavenly Father led us to where we needed to be, just at the right time to catch him at home (he was actually working and had needed to stop back at home real fast to grab something). Miracles happen every day! We just need to learn to find them.

Elder Horne