Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Ello Gove'nor!

This week was great! There isn't as much this week as there was last week since P-day was on Tuesday, but it was still great week. 

On Wednesday the Atlantic City English Elders, Elder Rockwood and Elder Jenkins, had a baptism! A mother and her son were baptized, and Tyrone was able to be there! The Spirit was so strong, I was smiling at Elder Jenkins the entire time, he was the one who baptized them, and I was so grateful Tyrone was able to make it. The Spirit was there and I know that he was able to feel it, and realize that this was something he needs to do. 

Thursday we headed up to Vineland for Zone Training, and left early in the morning with the AC Spanish Elders. Zone Training was great, Elder Wells and Elder Stauffer went over some things that we need to implement into our wards and we were able to do some role plays and it was great. Now, because Golden Retraining was Friday in Vineland, we were planning on staying there and  then coming home Friday afternoon. So at Zone Training we met with Elder Madsen and Elder Kitsell, the Elders that we, as well as the AC English Elders, would be spending the rest of our day with, as well as staying with that night. Elder Madsen and Elder Kitsell are fantastic. Elder Madsen is from Magna, UT and is very nice and very service oriented, and Elder Kitsell is British! (needless to say, I said 'ello gove'nor many a time). It was awesome, we ate and I got to know Elder Kitsell a little better. We're pretty much twins, except he's cooler because he's British. I realized that I'm glad we aren't companions because we would never be able to stop talking and would get off task all the time. That evening we split into two trios, the goldens (Rockwood, Madsen, and myself) and the trainers (Jenkins, Kitsell, and Tan) and it was a great learning experience going out with someone other than Elder Tan, I was able to learn so much from both Elders, it was a great night. 

Waking up Friday morning was hard, mainly because we had stayed up talking well past lights out, and also due to the fact that I slept on the floor with the pillow I brought. Golden Retraining was incredible. President and Sister Schaefermeyer were there, and they taught us a lot of great things, we had some incredible role plays, were able to talk about our missions and trainers thus far, and were able to watch an AMAZING Elder Holland talk (1/11/11 MTC address). It was a great experience, and I'm so grateful for it. The Spirit that was at Golden Retraining carried strongly throughout the day. We were able to meet with a referral that evening, and he was really interested, we taught him part of the Restoration and he accepted baptism for July 13! It was an incredible experience, Elder Tan and I were so excited, and are meeting with him again this week and we're so excited. It was an incredible night, the Spirit was with us and we were able to accomplish so much and witness so many miracles. 

Saturday was rough, the morning and afternoon was very difficult, nobody was there for our scheduled appointments, and it was hard. Thankfully our evenings are always great, and we were able to have a wonderful lesson with a man who originally met with us for the Quit Smoking Program we help people with, but after the lesson he agreed to have us teach him the lessons and is so determined to quit smoking it's awesome. We're starting the program and starting the lessons with him later this week. 

It was a wonderful week, I'm continually learning how to improve and how to become the missionary that Heavenly Father needs me to be and knows I can be. I'm so grateful for this gospel, it is SO TRUE! There is no greater book on earth than the Book of Mormon, it is rightly the keystone of this church. I encourage everyone to start reading it, or read it a little more often and I promise you that you will be blessed for doing so.

Love and miss you,

Elder Horne