Monday, February 10, 2014

Wading and Waiting...

This past week was fun fun fun. With lots of snow. Snow = No Car = Walking = Adventure. So, when it snows we're not supposed to drive the car (which happens a lot), which means we get to walk everywhere! Now, the roads get plowed pretty well, the sidewalks on the other hand, do not. Wednesday we went trudging through snow, up to a foot in some places, and it made for quite the adventure. I felt like a member of the fellowship of the ring, and was trying to get over the mountains. All I needed was a dwarf for a companion and some epic background music. Needless to say, it was a good week.

Exciting news!!! Tomorrow, we're getting the iPads! We haven't heard much, if anything, about them. So we will be in a meeting tomorrow that will take most of the day and include lots of training. Next week I'll write about the changes and opportunities this will present!

OK. People are getting married. I know it. I WANT THE WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS. I know I am a missionary, I know that I won't be home in time, but I really want to see who is getting married and to whom. Alright? So, all you engaged people. Send send send.

Elder Matt Horne
721 Paxon Hollow Rd, Suite B
Broomall, Pennsylvania 19008

Send away.

8 inches of snow when we came outside in the morning! 
LOTS of shoveling...

On Wednesday we wear pink. 
The cold never bother me anyway.

Homemade Italian desserts? Don't mind if I do.

OK, I might have secretly worn this under my shirt all Super Bowl Sunday.
That's what suits are for, right???