Monday, January 27, 2014

Bag Pipes? Cathedrals? Moscow? I am in Europe

So, I got a new companion! Elder Smith. He is from Payson, UT, and he plays the bag pipes. Like a boss. I have heard him play Praise to the Man, and he plays Amazing Grace. I'm done. He is too cool.

OK, now for all the pictures.

So, the Cole family is brilliant. We have a good time.
This is what happens at their house.  

I love missionaries. 

Raina and Laila! These girls are the best. 

No longer companions with Elder Wilcock...

Now I'm with Elder Smith!!

Margaret Thatcher was dying, so we cremated her. RIP 

The beloved Moscow Group! Marvel at our beauty. These members are the best.

St Mary's. This church is BEAUTIFUL. The pastor invited us for a tour, it's gorgeous. 

Who says missionaries can't eat healthy?? (homemade fries are healthier, right??)