Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Snowing in Scranton!

This week we had the first snow of the season! It's still not too cold out, but I'm so grateful that we have a car to travel in, compared to a lot of missionaries who don't. 

Snowfall that we woke up to in the morning

I had to make a snowman out of the first snow of the year! (Even if he was just a little guy)

So there are some exciting new things happening in this mission. In just a few weeks each missionary will receive a personal iPad Mini, and each companionship an iPhone 5 to aid in teaching more online. The mission is putting a lot of emphasis on teaching online, teaching people from around the world, and these new gadgets will be used as tools to help us in all aspects of missionary work. We'll be having a bunch of training sessions when they finally get here, and we'll watch and see how the Lord is hastening His work!

I hope you guys are doing great, I love hearing how you guys are doing. Love and miss you!

Elder Horne

P.S. So a member has a bunch of guns that he keeps in a case, and we may or may not have taken them out to take fun pictures...

Yep. Someone thought it was a good idea to let Elder Horne hold a gun.
(I secretly felt like Han Solo)