Monday, May 20, 2013

One Week Down, One To Go

Elder Stubbs and Elder Horne--Watch out Philadelphia, Here we come!
Best MTC District E.V. E. R

I can't believe I've already been at the MTC a week. It's great though I love it here, the people are awesome and my classes are awesome. The MTC is expecting a big influx of missionaries in the coming weeks so they've been hiring a bunch of teachers, and since the flood hasn't arrived yet my district gets like 7 teachers, even though only 2 are officially assigned to us. Which is great because we get a lot of extra time with them and they're extremely helpful.
So my companion's name is Elder Stubbs. He's from Everett (cool right??) and he loves to play soccer. We are pretty different but we get along really well, I'm so grateful to have such an amazing companion. He's incredibly funny and he's really outgoing so it's been a piece of cake with him.
The rest of my district is amazing as well. There are 10 of us, 6 sisters and 4 elders, which is crazy because we have more sisters than elders now! There is Sister G and Sister P, and they are both incredible sisters (Kaley, you would love Sister G). Sister McN and Sister H are both very compassionate sisters (Sister McN is from Kaysville, so it was nice to talk with her about James and Jorgen). Sister B and Sister P are fantastic teachers. Then we have Elders M and C, Elder C served in Philadelphia for 6 months a year and a half ago, and is returning which is incredible. So that's my district, they're all incredible people and I love them very much.
I've been able to see most of the people that I know here. I've seen a ton of people from school and about 20 minutes ago I was able to welcome two more friends to the MTC! It was great seeing them.
I love it here and am so excited to serve the Lord and bring the message of the restored gospel to as many people as I can. I am so excited to fly out to Philly next week and get to work. I've been having an incredible time here and I know there is no better place for me to be.
I love and miss you all,
Elder Matt Horne